Frequently Asked Questions

Results are released 24 – 48 hours after the completed test is received at the lab. Our team works 7 days a week and will send the certificate and results via email as soon as they are received. We would recommend ordering early your test so it is returned to the lab with sufficient time to process the results, and receive the certificate via email

Please check directly with your airline and government authorities for the correct timeframe. Once confirmed, the test needs to be returned to the lab at the earliest date that can be stated on the results. The results come back in PDF format, and results take 24-48 hours on average. Results will be sent via email.

Results are sent via email with a PDF of the results from the UKAS accredited lab. These will include the patient name, date of test, DOB and results from the test taken.

For an additional £20, we can provide a paper certificate signed by our medical team. This will state the date the test was done, the date the results were processed and the result of the test.

We offer two delivery options for the PCR test.

  • Royal Mail – Arriving next day, if ordered before 10AM. This is a 24 hour tracked mail but may be delayed due to the pandemic.
  • Special Courier – Arriving next day, if ordered before 10AM

Our laboratories assures us that you will receive your results within 24-48 hours. If you have not received your results close to that time then we encourage you to email our team on covidtesting@ohprime.co.uk

Please ensure you leave enough time from when you post your results to leave enough time to receive your results.

Please note that results will be delayed if you do not follow the instructions that are supplied with the test and/or you take an invalid sample and/or provide incomplete information.


Our results are from UKAS certified laboratories and are accepted all over the globe.

We include a pre-paid return envelope in our test kits in order to send the test back to the laboratory.

If returning your sample by post, please make sure the postal tracking label has been affixed to the front of the return envelope and that you have taken note of your postal tracking number (if available).

Please note that your sample can only be posted in a Royal Mail priority post box in the UK.

To find your closest Royal Mail priority post box, please visit https://www.royalmail.com/services-near-you or use the Royal Mail app.

See https://www.royalmail.com/downloadapp

Please do not use any other Royal Mail post box as your sample may not reach the laboratory in time to process.

We routinely use Royal Mail 24 hour tracked delivery to send kits to you and for sending kits to the laboratory.

Alternative express arrangements via special courier, DHL or UPS are available on request.

Results are sent via email as PDF. These will include the patient name, date of test, DOB and results from the test taken.

In most cases, Our clients have found no problem with showing the certificates off their phone or iPad.
You may choose to print them off just to be safe.